What wedding planners do?

"What wedding planners do"

Planning a wedding is not so easy. You need a experienced wedding planners who can make your wedding days memorable. From setting up a wedding budget to Book a honeymoon Ticket for you a wedding planner can plan everything you like. There are numerous books which you can refer like 1001 ways to save money and still have dazzling wedding. Few Points which a wedding planner must do-
• Setting up a realistic wedding budget
• Making a wedding master plan that maps out all the little details, from welcome guest music to food counter setup positions.
• Shows you the best and most original locations in the area keeping your wedding size and budget in mind.
• He must find the top florists, photographers, bands, DJs, caterers and other vendors in your price.
•The best wedding planner will always read your entire vendor contracts to make sure if everything is there and correct with your best interests.
•A wedding planner will create a day-of (or weekend-of) timeline that will tell everyone involved in the planning process ie. vendors, members of the wedding party, you, and your families that what to do and when to do.
•Your wedding planner will Handle all the invitations, from the wording and orders to the address and mail, as well as tracking RSVPs
•Counseling you on proper etiquette and making you aware of what hot at wedding front. He will also let you know the top wedding themes and décor ideas going in trend at the time.
•Wedding planner will manage the wedding day by supervising vendors, setup, and delivery. He will also handle emergencies and and take care of last minute needful things.
• He will serve as your spokesperson and thus convey your every whim and desire to vendors and family members when you just can't deal with doing it yourself. Not all but yes most of the wedding planners also handle your Honeymoon. Just let them know your desires and they will plan or book a perfect honeymoon package for you

"Cutting Prices of your Deals"

Sometimes if you need to make a deal with a vendor or caterer, the wedding planner must be smart enough to cutoff the prices on behalf of you.