What are the types of date?

"What are the types of date"

Date is the not merely proposing your loved ones but date is a moment of a perfect combination of romance, music , love and energy . At believe happenings we have a different type of dates to choose-
. Beach Date
. Love in the Air Date
. Pool Date
. Adventure Date

"Beach Date"

Let us plan a beautiful date on beach with your loved one. A romantic tent on a beach with your favorite mouth watering dishes, warn evening candle on the table and around the tent, vocal guitarist playing your favorite songs and sea waves touching your feet.

"Love in the Air"

We are going to plan a most beautiful date with hearts, teddies, candles and other romantic things which will mesmerize any girl you want to date. Set with a perfect coordination we are going to give you a series of gifts and other things which will make you and your partner completely fall in love with the moment.

"Pool Date"

What about planning a date inside pool? Yes you read it right. Let us plan a perfect dinner for you inside a beautiful pool with the most romantic music and heart throbbing gifts.

"Adventure Date"

Do you need to plan a date in between a forest? Or your want plan a date on a tree house or on mountain? We completely know what we are talking and yes it is possible with our Adventure Date Package. We can plan your date in the woods or on the mountain with everything possible to make it romantic and unique.

There are many other Date types and Packages ready for you at India’s top Date planners.