"Date Planning"

Amid the interview dates, meetings and busy schedules, the important dates are usually missed out. Making up for them is a daunting task but Believe Happenings has come up with simple, yet extravagant idea to offer a romantic date with your beloved to lift your romantic quotient higher. It can be difficult to come up with new, original and unique ideas to sweep your partner off the feet. ‘Save the Date’ with Believe Happenings as we will handle everything from the start to the finish so that your date goes off without a hitch. Udaipur, being the most romantic city has so much to offer, it would be silly to just sit back on that couch and not make a priceless memory. What are you waiting for? Contact Us NOW and embrace the Love of your relationship.

“Wedding Planning”

Magazines, Internet and your neighbors might give you various ‘already used’ ideas to plan your D-Day but Believe Happenings promises to offer you unique ideas to make your ‘once in a lifetime’ wedding experience to be the best and make event memorable. With a passion to create a grand design and devotion to all the intricate details in between, Believe Happenings team will create an exquisite event for you that reflect your personality and is easy on your pockets as well. Our unique personalized wedding planning ideas let you sit back and prepare to be the perfect bride and groom while we get in action to match your requirements with the perfect vendors, venue and coordinate the entire event. Our team will make your wedding date a long lasting affair that will remain priceless for years to come.

"Theme Parties"

A fantastic mean to get people in high spirits is theme party. There are 101 ideas for Theme parties but with our awesome line of ideas, decorations and arrangement, any party can lift up the moods of the guests. There will never be an end to the limit of ideas and so with each theme, we offer something unique, something distinct that offers a great ambience and feel to the event. Believe Happenings has worked on baby showers, birthday parties, bridal showers and weddings and has made each event specialand meaningful. Give your event a ‘kickastic’ touch with plethora of themes with Believe Happenings. Contact Us NOW !