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Here are 10 unique and innovative ideas to make your wedding from drab to fab…


These days, no one wants a cookie-cut wedding. So, to help you to think out-of-the-box and make your wedding among one of the best in your city, we have uncovered 10 wonderful ideas to make your nuptial celebrations completely and utterly unique.

  1. Destination single’s bash: Destination weddings are a passé, now it is the destination single’s bash which is more in trend. And why not? This is all about your one last stag adventure full of mayhem with your best buds and definitely this ought to be the best time of your life. So, all you need to do is pack your bags and pick an interesting destination of your choice and spend some beautiful moments of life with your best friends as you bid adieu to singledom.
  2. Pre-wedding portrait and candid photo shoot: Candid photography and pre-wedding portraits can give you a collection of fantastic personal photographs clicked at exotic locations, which you can either share with your friends and family on social networking websites, display during the wedding ceremony or simply treasure them as keepsakes of a special moment.
  3. Wedding websites: Personal and creative websites are one of the hottest ways of celebrating your upcoming wedding in the digital day and age. They are perfect to create buzz and keep everyone in loop about your wedding, tell your story and couple trivia, share photos and provide information for your guests.
  4. Personal invites: You can add elements of yourself, experiment with colour, texture and material to make your invite a true reflection of yourself and your story. This would definitely urge the guests to be a part of your special moments.
  5. Monogramming: Personalising every element of the big day is also the new norm now and couples are increasingly taking interest in this concept. This has led to the revival of the royal and high society practice of monogramming napkins and cutlery to add a touch of elegance to the entire wedding affair.
  6. Video confessional booth: Wedding cards are a cliché. Allow your guests to record a quick on-screen message for you. Then, let you videographer edit some of the best clips into your wedding video.
  7. Flash mob: A flash mob i.e., a well-choreographed dance routine at your wedding can take the entertainment to another level altogether. It’s also a fun way to include your guests in the evening’s events and to facilitate some pretty awesome group bonding.
  8. Photo booth: This also can give wonderful opportunities for fun to the guests and allow them to get candid pictures clicked that could later be added to your wedding photo album. Props like moustaches, frames, huge sunglasses, hats and more can be used to increase the fun element.
  9. Wedding films: They are a beautiful and stylized way to depict your love story like a romantic saga. They can encompass moments such as dances, important ceremonies that would not be justified by a still capture. What more? They are convenient to share online too with your friends and family after the wedding.
  10. Wish tree: A Dutch wedding custom, this concept is increasingly gaining popularity in the Indian wedding circles too. All it takes is paper and pens and your guests can leave you their wishes and notes on the tree, which can become a special memento for your life.

So, dear to-be-wed couples, think innovatively and ask your wedding planners to creatively create magic at all functions of your wedding to make it HIT and HOT.

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Avani Jain Godavat

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