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Wooed your dream girl/guy but unable to master the dating game? Fret not! Here are some do’s and don’ts to follow to have a picture perfect first date…


A first date can be either nerve-wracking or a confidence booster. What seems to be an innocuous looking affair need to be tended with caution and tact. A slight mistake can blow the cover and hit you right on your face.

So, follow our 20 dating tips to keep your pulse in check and not go haywire at the table on your first ever date….

  1. First impression is the last impression, so dress impeccably and be a dapper dresser.
  2. Make eye contact and be super confident. Inner confidence goes a long way in ensuring strong rapport.
  3. Mind your body language. Research proves that 70 per cent deal is clinched with non-verbal cues.
  4. Coffee is a great line opener. So, try to start with some cuppas of Cappuccinos and Expressos.
  5. Judging by looks and behavior can backfire instantly, so keep your cool.
  6. Not following table etiquettes can watershed the entire event. So, be careful with your table manners.
  7. Take charge and don’t be a laggard. Ensure that you are in the moment and sound enthusiastic.
  8. Don’t act dumb and answer all the questions tactfully and politely. Even give a NO its due respect.
  9. Don’t be a Talking Tom and keep jabbering. Respect each other’s space and time.
  10. Always smile and pay attention. This is an utmost priority when breaking ice at any date.
  11. Be honest and truthful to build a respectful relationship.
  12. Be verbally innovative and get into the moment at any moment. This will ensure your presence in the ‘NOW’.
  13. Be glamorous and flowy and try to weave a story out of the moment. But don’t be too flowy to make it sound like a fairy tale. Your dreams may come crashing in the next second.
  14. Don’t try to flirt out of the dating log book rules. Keep commitments and be professional.
  15. Covert glances at strangers can play spoilsport. So, when going for your first date, MEAN BUSINESS, PERIOD!
  16. Fantasizing about your exes is a strict No-No.
  17. Don’t get sloshed at a date. Keep it reserved for stag parties.
  18. Don’t give up the candlelight part, by joining hands with a 3rd Keep your word and land single.
  19. Don’t throw caution to the wind as a first date is a delicate affair. Try to manoeuvre it carefully respecting the feelings of either party.
  20. Don’t jump to conclusions at the drop of the hat. A mere wink or smile doesn’t guarantee upfront victory. Be naïve yet diplomatic.

Well, you can take care of your behavior and your first date planners can look into the setting. They can set the right mood to help you crack the dating juggernaut and set the ball rolling.

So, want to sail successfully through the first date conundrum? Take help of the date planners like Believe Happenings to secure yourself against the shocks of the dating game and emerge victorious. We wish you Happy Dating!

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