Tips for packing for local and destination weddings

Marriage is one of the most significant events in a person’s life. It is coming together of two individuals for a lifetime and in India, it goes a step further by coming together of two families. Marriages are joyous and festive occasions in India. They are celebrated with grandeur and extensive decorations, lights, food, dance, colors, music and a number of rituals. Each marriage depending upon the religion of the bride and the groom is celebrated differently with coming together of friends and family.

Marriages being done on such colossal levels and exuberant costs require a lot of pre planning and preparations. Some people decide to get married in their home town whereas some decide to do destination weddings where families fly out to a location away from home. In both the cases pre arrangements and organized packing has to be done to avoid last minute confusions and complications. Mentioned below are some packing tips which might come in handy while packing for a local wedding whereas a destination wedding.

Tips for packing for a local marriage:

The place where the wedding ceremony is taking place in your city may be near your home or a little far away from your home. In either of the cases, some items have to be packed which are to be taken to the venue.

  • Items required for wedding rituals: Due to numerous rituals carried out in Indian marriages the list of these items will be very long. Make sure you purchase all the items 5-10 days prior to the marriage and put all of them in a single bag, which could be carried easily without difficulty on the day of the marriage.
  • Extra footwear and pair of dress for the bride and the groom: One never knows when an accident can happen. In case the footwear breaks of the bride or the groom, they should have an extra pair handy in case of emergency.
  • Makeup and hair accessories for the bride: Last minutes touch up in facial makeup and hair is always required. Make sure all the products are there for the bride when and where required.
  • Gifts for the guest: In Indian tradition it is considered bad conduct to send the guests back without gifts. Make sure all the gifts are ready and nobody is missed out. To make the task easier make a list prior to the wedding of all the guests who are to be given gifts.
  • Portable Charger: Make sure your phone is fully charged before leaving the home and also carry portable chargers in your case your phone runs out of battery. One may require making a number of phone calls and even receiving many in order to ensure the smooth running of the ceremony.
  • Send some of the items before hand to the venue if you think there is a lot of luggage to be carried all at once.
  • Make a checklist off all the items to be packed in advance. Keep on ticking each item gradually on the list as they are packed one by one.

Tips for packing for a destination wedding

Packing for a destination wedding is a different task all together. One has to pack even a small item like toothbrush beforehand to avoid confusions and problems later when you have reached the destination.

  • Passport, tickets, travel itinerary, visas (where necessary), credit/debit cards and travelers cash are the most important things to have while traveling. Make sure you organize those 2-4 days prior to the date of leaving in your handbag.
  • Carry your wedding planning binder with you, which has all the details of the arrangements, made like details of the venue, contacts details of the vendors, proof of down payment made to vendors etc.
  • Wedding day dress and footwear: Make sure you pack these beforehand because without these the day of the marriage can be a tough affair. Pack them properly to avoid damages while traveling.
  • Dresses for the other days: The dress for the wedding day is not the only dress, which has to be carried. There are other ceremonies where bride and groom dress up. Make sure all the other dresses are also properly and neatly kept, with label on each for which function you plan to wear.
  • Jewelry for the wedding day and other days: Double check the jewelry is safely and securely packed for traveling. If new jewelry is to be made for the wedding make sure it is made 15-20 before the marriage and if old jewelry is to be worn check if it is in the right condition before packing.
  • Items required for wedding rituals: As mentioned above these are very important for the rituals to be carried out smoothly. Make sure you pack them properly to avoid breakage and leakage.
  • Makeup and Toiletries: Both of these things will be required on all your days of the trip. Carry both in right quantities to avoid running out of them. Put all the liquid products like shampoo, conditioner etc in zip lock bags to avoid leakages.
  • Gifts that are to be given to the guests. Make sure nobody is left out. If they are breakable or delicate roll them up in clothes or bubble wrap.
  • Carry your medicines in case you have to take one daily. You can put them in day wise medicine boxes to avoid missing doses. Along with daily medicines (if any) carry an emergency medical kit for emergencies and injuries in case.
  • Pack your electronic products, which are to be carried in advance. These should include portable phone chargers, camera, cell phone, phone charger, memory card etc.
  • The luggage you carry back will be half of what you carried while going. So one can escape from paying extra luggage fee at airports by packing decorations and gifts in old suitcase that can be left behind while returning.
  • Call in your hotel in advance to ask if they provide blow dryers, irons etc in the rooms. If yes you would not have to carry these bulky items unnecessarily. Make sure you notify the hotel that you want those in proper working condition during your stay.
  • Send some things in advance before you reach there to avoid carrying the entire luggage at once with you.
  • Label each belonging with what it contains or when to be worn.
  • Last but not the least make a checklist for the items to be packed. Keeping on ticking one by one sequentially as they go on to be packed.

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