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If you desire to give an edge to your big day celebrations, blend the quirk with the customs and make it an innovatively unconventional affair, then offbeat wedding concept should surely be your pick. Read on know more…

 Halls decorated with wreaths, a wedding placard placed at the entrance with the couple’s names boldly inscribed and the vast spread of food counters…These elements which defined traditional Indian weddings until few years backs are now a passé. Nowadays, Indian weddings have become much more interesting by taking the offbeat route. Increased wedding budgets, innovative ideas and the desire to stand out from the rest has prompted the people to opt for unconventional weddings.

Exchanging rings in the a air balloon or vineyard, choosing snow or beach as the wedding theme, groom opting to come on a scooter/bicycle, instead of an expensive car in the Baraat etc., are just few examples of unconventional concepts that are increasingly being opted by the Indian couples. So, the main wedding might happen in the traditional way, but you can experiment with the style of functions that are held before and after the wedding.


Unique but not expensive

Offbeat weddings may not be necessarily expensive and something unique and different can be planned within modest budgets too. The fact is that more than being an extravagant affair, a creative pursuit can make your wedding special and memorable. It need not be an over-the-top event but can still be distinctive. Out-of-the-box thinking, conceptualising and setting the right mood can pull off a wedding well within a restricted budget.


Tips for an offbeat wedding

  1. Offbeat weddings concentrate on adding unique elements to the wedding functions. However, for any offbeat wedding, the concept has to be practical.
  2. You and both sides of the families should be open to new ideas and their implementation.
  3. You should know your venue to have an understanding of what is possible and what’s not. In short, it has to be properly planned.
  4. Time management in an offbeat wedding is extremely crucial. You need to have major things in place 15 days before the actual date of the wedding to avoid last-minute stress.
  5. The whole idea is to make your wedding fun and something you will remember for years to come, so brainstorm with your friends, family and wedding planner and do your best to add the personal touch.
  6. Last but not the least, make it a point to ensure that the additions are not detracting from the solemnity of the occasion.

Overall, for an offbeat wedding, all you need is a working mind and few hands. However, planning and executing an offbeat wedding is not a piece of cake. For adding unique element in all the functions of wedding, you need to hire wedding planners who are well-trained in wedding management. In fact, Believe Happenings can do it perfectly for you. They can customise themes innovatively according to your tastes, requirements and budget.

So, opt for an offbeat wedding, this season and make it memorable and enjoyable for your guests as well as for yourself.

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Avani Jain Godavat

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