Navratri styling this season.

Navratri celebrated differently across the Indian subcontinent is a nine day Hindu festival offered to Goddess Durga, marking the destruction of evil. But Navratri is not just a festival to worship, it also brings with it the most anticipated ‘dandiya nights’ ‘Garba Raas’. This is a traditional dance form performed in groups by both men and women using colorful wooden sticks or without. Hence Navratri is celebrated with great pomp and grandeur is an exciting time for people who dress up in different attires and colors to enjoy and rejoice in. Mentioned below are some tips which can be followed if one plans to attend a dandiya night and dance and enjoy limitlessly.

  1. Pick up a traditional attire

Traditional wear in India is the festive wear which one can wear to celebrate the festival with great joy and merriment. Traditional dresses women can wear during Navratri can be ghaagra choli, saree, salwar kameez etc.


  • Ghaagra Choli is basically a dress of 2 pieces of clothing, a choli which is like a blouse and ghaagra which is a skirt. The dress also has a duppatta which is like a scarf and can be draped in multiple ways. Ghaagra Choli is easy to wear and can be easily managed during dancing. Make sure you pin the duppatta properly so that it does not come off while you are dancing. The ghaagra’s and choli’s are available in vibrant and interesting color to match the grandeur and festivity of Navratri.


  • It is not necessary to stick to Ghaagra choli during Navratri. One can also wear flowing colorful saree’s if they can carry them easlity during playing dandiya. The Bandhej and Lehariya design saree’s are most usually worn during dandiya nights which allow the dancer a lot of movement and flexibility during performing the dance.


  • Salwar Kameez is also 2 piece clothing consisting of a long kurti and bottom wear and it is also paired with duppatta. It is the most comfortable attire to wear while dancing as compared to ghaagra choli and saree. One can wear it in bright and attractive colors to stand out.


Men can wear kediyu and kurta payjama to match the colorful and interesting outfits worn my women during the festival.


  • Kediyu is a traditional 2 piece dandiya attire consisting of a short kurta with a flare and bottom wear resembling a dhoti. It is embellished just like the ghaagra

choli with mirrors and embroidery.


  • Kurta Payjama is basic 2 piece attire with a long kurta and a trouser like bottom wear also known as ‘churidar’.
  • Dhoti and Sherwani can also be worn by men during Navratri. It is a look totally different from others and really comfortable to wear and dance in.


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  1. Wear Traditional Indian Jewelry

All the attires can be accessorized with traditional Indian jewelry to add to the vibrancy of your dress. The main accessories which can be paired with your dandiya ensemble are Jhumke, Necklace, Bangles, Mank Tika and Payal. Oxidized Silver Jewelry can also be worn which is especially for Navratri festival. As Navratri is all about wearing flashy and shimmery colors, oxidized jewelry will add to glitter on you.


  1. Make-up and Hair-do

Once you have decided on your dress and jewelry you can think about make-up. One can go for light water proof make-up so it does not come off while playing and sweating. Light eye shadow, dark kajal and a thin line of eyeliner will bring out your eyes. But if you are wearing a light dress go for dark toned make-up otherwise stick to light make-up and nude shades with heavy attires.


  1. Comfortable Footwear

One should avoid high healed footwear as they can cause injury during fast dancing. Go for flat footwear to avoid foot aches if you end up dancing for long time. One can wear ‘mojari’ also known as ‘juttiya’ as they match well with ghaagra choli. They are very easy to wear and are available in beautiful designs and colors.





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