How to make your Man’s Birthday special?

Aren’t you tired of throwing cliché birthday parties with not so amazing gifts for your special man?  It’s time to pull out something new for making your other half’s birthday surprising and memorable. Keeping in mind how tedious task it could be to plan something new and never to be forgotten, Believe Happenings brings along various ways to achieve just the same rather effortlessly and calmly.

  1. Bake a cake or gift a cake

It’s truly said that a way to man’s heart is through his stomach. A good heart-shaped cake with just the right toppings is an absolute winner. Though in case you are worried about not being adept in the kitchen you can then gift him a cake. We can also help you go a step ahead by giving him a customized cake clubbed with a chocolate bouquet and a gift basket of his favorite cookies.

  1. Musical Wishes

Is your boyfriend a music freak? Does he enjoy playing a particular instrument? Why not then wish him happiness and success using musical instruments. Believe happenings promises to provide various options like violin artist, saxophone artist, santoor artist, guitar artist, mouth organ artist etc to help you wish him playing his favorite song.

  1. Plan a day out

Plan an outdoor trip or a picnic for him to catch the rising sun and spend quality time together. Add a pool date or luxurious car trip to make this day out more fun and memorable.

  1. Gift a pet

Who doesn’t love pets? Gift him a dog or a cat and enjoy together the process of naming it. If not in favor of dog or cats as a pet then you can even get a fishbowl/aquarium. Fishes believed to be calm and serene may bring the same calmness and content into his life.

  1. Treasure hunt

Directly giving the gift can be to mainstream. Let him put in some extra efforts and have fun looking for his own gifts. Narrow down some of his favorite locations and plan a treasure hunt there. Make quirky, funny and romantic clues to remind him of your love for him. You can even ask other people who are random strangers to him you wish him and complete his treasure hunt. Club the completion of the hunt with fireworks to let him know how important his birthday is for you.

  1. Room Surprise

Go the traditional way and decorate the room or terrace for him. Fill it with party poppers and streamers to celebrate his birthday the grand way. Try and get helium balloons if possible on whose ends you can stick small love notes. You can also organize a balloon release for him on one of his favorite spots. In case you don’t have time to do it yourself, Believe Happenings can take care of that for you. Just list down your preferences and wait for the perfect execution on the D-day.

  1. Gift him a Spa

Has your boyfriend been working too hard and tiring himself? Give him an opportunity to relax and gift him a nourishing spa. Let him get rid of all the strain and enjoy on his birthday. You can even make it a romantic date by going to the spa with him. Which couple won’t enjoy a spa together?

  1. A chopper ride

Go big and wish him mid-air. Make use of the panoramic view from high above and wish him all the success in his life from up there. If not a chopper ride you can then plan a boat ride and wish him amidst water. Also if your man happens to be an animal lover then go for a horse, camel or elephant ride.

  1. Hoarding surprise

Let the world know that it is your man’s birthday and how happy it makes you feel. Make sure you pass by the hoarding right in time. Also, don’t forget to notice the amazed expression on his face after realizing the grandeur of his own birthday.  

  1. Fireworks

Wishing at 12 ‘o’clock can be cliché but when clubbed with fireworks it can be a real game changer. Invite his friends and family for the firework show at one of his favorite places and give a kick start to his special day.

  1. Dance sessions

Does your man love dancing? What better way to surprise him then. Give him an annual/monthly package to a dance class or go to some dance sessions with him. Also you can organize a flash mob for him to bring some dancing wishes his way. Be a part of the flash mob to make it extra special for him.


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