How about a date with your father, this Father’s Day !!


He has done a lot for you and now it is the time to do something for him. How about going on a date with your father, this Father’s Day?


You must have been on a date with your girlfriends, boyfriends or better halves but have you gone on a date with your father? Isn’t the idea great? He may not be expecting this from you at all. So, gear up to surprise him this father’s day.

Any celebration calls for a gift and date with your father is no different. But what can it be? It is easy to search gifts for your partners but selecting gift for your beloved father can be a very daunting task.

Fret not! We have some thoughtful gifting ideas for the date with your father…

  1. Gift what he likes: Find out what your dad’s type is like is he a music or book lover, avid traveller, fitness freak or a serious individual? Then choose the gift accordingly. Try to find out his favorite items which he never bought as he was always busy buying you gifts. It can be something very expensive or simple but can give him utmost pleasure. For example, if he is a music lover, then you can give him good collection of music CDs or a music system. Then, there could be other material gifts like wallet, watch of his favourite brand etc.
  2. Personalised gifts: These gifts are often unique and have high emotional value attached to them. Make your father feel exclusive and loved to the core with an engraving or a monogram on a coffee mug, T-shirt, wallet etc. You can even make a card for him as words have no value.
  3. Planned holidays: How about gifting a travel plan to your father? You must have gone to many holidays with him. He must have looked after the food, lodging and travel. This time, you do all this for him. Plan his holiday to his favorite destination. Book the tickets, hotels and travel and let him enjoy the trip to the fullest with his soul mate.
  4. Books/Magazine Subscriptions: Gift your father subscription of books or magazines that he prefers to read. You can even gift a book of his favorite author.
  5. Health packages: Health packages can be the best gift. Find out some good hospital near your home or the hospital your father prefers to go. Then, browse health packages available there. Choose the best health package, purchase it and gift it to your father. You can even gift gym memberships to him.

If you need more unique, creative and innovative gifting ideas for your date, date planners can be your best bet. Why only gifts? Date planners like Believe Happenings, the master craftsmen can set the décor, theme, tone and mood of your date with your father too. They can make your date beautiful as well as memorable.

So, do not waste your time thinking more about planning this date. Get the right gift and connect with Believe Happening and make this father’s day really special for your father. Best of Luck!

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