6 Ideas To Keep Romance Alive In Your Relationship

“There is no remedy for love but to love more.”

Just because you’ve finally settled into the comfortable stages of a relationship doesn’t mean it’s time to stop putting in an effort to keep things exciting. 

The early days of a new relationship are thrilling. You skip from one adorable romantic gesture to another. In order to keep that spark alive, a little daily elbow grease goes a long way.

Here are 6 quirky ideas to keep the romance alive in your love life.

1.Check on each other daily


Ask Questions About Their Daily Lives. This helps couples maintain a deeper connection. Consider asking your partner about his or her day.  If it’s important to your partner, it will mean a lot to them that you are making the effort to hear about it. The thing is that everyday life is kind of tedious, and chores have to be done – it can’t just be spontaneous picnics and secret love letters all the time. 

Spend 30 minutes a day just talking about each other.

2. Appreciate their efforts


“If we don’t make time to feed the relationship, it withers.”

Let your partner know that you’re grateful for some of the things they do for you. Acknowledge the efforts your partner is making to keep the relationship healthy and happy.

If, for example, your wife always does the food shopping, take the initiative one week by ordering it and having it delivered. If your husband loves organised things, arrange the wardrobe for him before he comes home. You’ll be surprised at how romantic it can be when a partner takes over your chores!

3.Tell them how much you miss them


Show your partner that you’re thinking about them during the day, even if it’s something quick. That could be a text or a call, or even mentioning something at the end of the day that reminded you of them.

Doing so helps you appreciate where you are now as a couple.

4.Have a separate interest 


It’s great if you have aligned interests, but when couples do everything together, they lose some of the individuation that once made them attractive to each other. Having hobbies and interests that you pursue individually is great because it gives you things to talk about and the opportunity to explore your personal passions.

5. Spark up with a trip


Even if you can’t take a big trip together all the time, plan some weekend trips or daily outings. Couples who explore together learn new things with each other and create memories that last forever. These days will feel revitalizing and bring you closer.

6.Take turns planning Dates

Little actions can go a long way, and will be appreciated in the long-run.

Plan surprise dates for your partner.

This way one partner isn’t doing all the planning and organizing. It also allows us to think about what our partner might really desire that we may not be doing often enough.

Each couple have their own habits that work to help keep the spark alive for years to come. Believe Happenings team is here to fill happiness in your life and help you make lifetime memories with a significant touch.

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