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An outdoor pre-wedding photo shoot is one of the most romantic and fun things you can do prior to your big day. This is the reason that the concept has piqued the fancy of many to-be-weds in the country. We give you the scoop!

A couple shoot just before the main wedding in the studio with the photographer clicking formal portraits of the bride and groom sitting on an ornate sofa looking into the camera or shyly at each other with a red rose in their hands, is definitely a passé now. Today, pre-wedding photo shoot is becoming a popular trend. Due to a high fun quotient attached with these shoots, the concept is gaining wide acceptance and these shoots are being given more importance that the actual wedding photography.


Depending on the budget, you can choose any interesting location within your city or travel to exotic locations for a pre-wedding shoot. Though the location can be any setup, the emotions are genuine unlike the staid nervous ones in the studio. What more? A spontaneous kiss or various props can add that oomph factor to your photos.


The Theme

On most occasions, there is a particular theme for these pre-wedding photo shoots like it can be based on your love story with photos clicked at your favourite places of meeting and the like.


Here are some examples of kind of pictures you can have…

  1. Silhouette kind of pictures at sunrise and sunset
  2. Pictures against famous monuments/palaces where you have shared memories or places where you wish to get clicked as it is a beautiful location
  3. Editorial/lifestyle kind of pictures which you see in magazines
  4. Pictures which depict humour
  5. Pictures which show your personality as a couple
  6. ‘Hot and Steamy’ pictures
  7. Photos capturing moments and showcasing love between you and your spouse

Location, location, location!

Forts, palaces, abandoned places, old buildings, museums, heritage hotels, resorts, restaurants, café, natural settings, mountains, wildlife sanctuaries, local parks, temples, swimming pools, water parks, railway tracks—the list is endless!


Your honeymoon is probably a very planned affair, but your outdoor pre-wedding photo shoot can give you a reason to travel to exotic locations like Udaipur or better known as City of Lakes in Rajasthan, Goa, Kerala or somewhere close by as long as you find it interesting and romantic.


Plan it right!

While one might think location is everything, however, it’s an expert’s vision that makes the difference. So, you don’t necessarily have to spend large sums of money to do these shoots at exotic locales, instead, with a little bit of professional aid, you can have a very unconventional shoot at regular places too.


Further, generally, it is the wedding or event planners who get the whole event organised. They come up with the concept keeping your desires in mind, hire and book the photographer and zero in on the date and venue. If in Udaipur, then Believe Happenings, one of the best wedding planners in Udaipur can organise it for you.


Sometimes, along with the photo shoot, a small film is also made, both of which are showcased at wedding functions like the mehendi, reception, etc. Sometimes, couples even choose to organise a separate party post the wedding to showcase these photographs.


Memories for life

Romantic, funny and experimental—outdoor pre-wedding shoots give couples the perfect opportunity to spend some alone time and let go and enjoy unlike the hectic wedding day. These shoots give the couple a selection of candid photographs, which they can either share with friends and family, display during their wedding ceremonies or simply treasure them as keepsakes of a special moment. The shoot is virtually their last date as unmarried couple and so, the photos are immensely important.


What more? You only get married once, then why not enjoy to the fullest. Why not be a super model for a couple of hours and pose with your fiancé for capturing some unforgettable moment of life?

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Avani Jain Godavat

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